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I reblog stuff and draw cute characters beated up and wearing sweaters

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every time i draw pearl i draw her differently… o well


here’s some pearl sketches that were really fun for me to draw and mess around with coloring


Thanks to everyone that came to see me at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con this year!   Here again are some of my favorite sketch covers from those conventions.

Stay tuned to this Tumblr to hear about any future signings I’ll have.


I’m so productive at class

Why is this back



She is so cute, why do people hate her so much?

(because she’s a black woman who doesn’t pander to the male gaze or take any shit and is just really fuckin awesome)


Just a quick little gif I made for fun in between my other projects.

Track: 1901
Artist: Phoenix
Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix


Counting all different ideas drifting away
Past and present they don’t matter
Now the future’s sorted out


"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"